The GLOBE Legislator Forest Initiative

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Ecosystems management, Environmental goverance

Multiple Focal Areas


OP3 - Forest Ecosystems

Crosscutting Capacity Building

Protect globally significant forest biodiversity

Supporting sustainable forest management in production landscapes

The project consists of an initiative to improve the understanding of legislators in forested developing countries on REDD+ and SFM and to create a peer-to-peer dialogue for legislators to discuss these topics and share experiences from their own countries. Work will be carried out by both national and international legal and economic consultants in order to identify the areas where legal frameworks and parliamentary scrutiny functions need to be strengthened as part of the national REDD+ strategy. The baseline project also includes convening legislators from the four key REDD+ countries (Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico) at the GLOBE Cape Town Legislator Forums during the UNFCCCC COP17 and the GLOBE World Summit of Legislators in Rio the week ahead of the Rio +20 Summit. The objective of the baseline project is to identify the areas where legislation and parliamentary scrutiny functions within these four key forested developing countries need to be strengthened in order to help create effective and durable national REDD+ strategies.

By working directly with senior legislators, the initiative aims to improve governance, law enforcement, financial scrutiny and accountability in relation to REDD+. In addition, the initiative aims to integrate the lessons learnt from existing forest governance and conservation programmes that have been addressing these issues and to integrate previous successes into national strategies as a critical part of preparing for the REDD+ mechanism. This will require legislators to understand and share best practice solutions for integrating biodiversity, SFM and LULUCF into national REDD+ strategies in order to ensure effective implementation of all of the global conventions.


Medium-sized Project(MSP)

Global Multi Country

Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean

Dem Rep Congo, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico

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United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)



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GLOBE (The Global Legislators Organisation or "GLOBE International")
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Edoardo Zandri

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Project approved by the GEF CEO. Project being internalized at UNEP

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