Improved Management of Agrochemical Life Cycles in the Caribbean and Central American region

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Agrochemical life cycles in the Caribbean and Central American region

Harmful substances and hazardous waste

Persistent Organic Pollutants


With a focus on model sites in each country, to curtail the release of agrochemicals to the Caribbean Sea through the application of alternate land/crop/soil management practices, comprehensive management plans and other specific measures to mitigate the improper use of agrochemicals, including pesticides and nutrients in the agricultural and tourism sectors.

The project will contribute to the achievement of Objectives 1 and 3 of the Chemicals Focal Area Strategy on phasing out POPs and reducing POPs releases and piloting sound chemicals management (SAICM) respectively. Expected outcomes include the phasing out of the production and use of controlled POPs chemicals (1.1), the reduction of POPs releases to the environment (1.3) and the strengthening of country capacities to effectively phase out and reduce POPs releases (1.5), and support to the overall objective of SAICM of achieving the sound management of chemicals that minimize significant adverse effects on human health and the environment (3.2).


It will also contribute to:- (a) Objective 2, Output 2.3 in the International Waters Focal Area Strategy (ie. catalyzing multi-state cooperation to rebuild marine fisheries and reduce pollution of coasts and Large Marine Eocsystems (LME), through  innovative solutions for reducing pollution with measureable results; b) IW Objective 1 on catalyzing multi-state cooperation in balancing conflicting water uses through innovative solutions implemented for reduced pollution, improved water use efficiency, sustainable fisheries and water supply protection in SIDS (outcome 1.3); c)  Objective 1 of the Land Degradation Focal Area Strategy on maintaining or improving the flow of agro-ecosystem services to sustaining the livelihoods of local communities, through an enhanced enabling environment within the agricultural sector (outcome 1.1) and improved agricultural management (1.2), and Objective 4 on increasing capacity to apply adaptive management tools in SLM, through improved project performance using new and adapting existing tools and methodologies (outcome 4.2).

Full Size Project(FSP)

Regional Multi Country

Latin America and the Caribbean

Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Jamaica, Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize

GEF Trust Fund

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$ 14,814,800.00 $ 2,915,200.00 $ 47,426,558.00 $ 1,481,480.00 $ 291,520.00



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FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)
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