Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme for the portection of the Western Indian Ocean from land-based sources and activities

GEF ID: 4940
Focal Areas: International Waters
Country(ies): Madagascar Tanzania Kenya South Africa Comoros Mauritius Seychelles Mozambique
Geograpic scope: Regional
Project Description:

Project Objective: People of the region prosper from a healthy Western Indian Ocean, with reduced impacts from land-based sources and actvitires through implementation of the WIO-SAP at the national and regional levels including through partnerships and greater integration of river basin and coastal and marine resource management

Lead Executing Agency: UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)
Project Type: FSP
PPG/PDF Grant: $ 185,000.00
PPG Confinancing: $ 0.00
Project Grant: $ 10,867,000.00
Project Confinancing: $ 66,710,185.00

Project Status

PIF: PIF Submission Date   2013/01/16
GEF Approval Date   2013/02/20 Document
PPG: GEF Approval Date   2013/09/25 Document
UNEP Approval Date   2014/05/14
Completion Date   Unspecified
Project: Expected CEO Approval Date   Unspecified
Project Submission To GEF  Unspecified
CEO Approval Date  Unspecified No Document
UNEP Approval Date  Unspecified
Completion Date  Unspecified No Document