Support to 20 GEF Eligible Parties for Alignment of National Action Programs and Reporting Process under UNCCD (Add-on Umbrella 2)

GEF ID: 5136
Focal Areas: Land Degradation
Country(ies): Mali Indonesia Somalia Thailand Vietnam Maldives Rwanda Sudan Myanmar Ethiopia Mozambique Egypt Malawi Namibia Barbados Mauritius Eritrea Swaziland Belize Chile
Geograpic scope: Multi Regional
Project Description:
Lead Executing Agency: Unspecified
Project Type: MSP
PPG/PDF Grant: $ 0.00
PPG Confinancing: $ 0.00
Project Grant: $ 0.00
Project Confinancing: $ 0.00

Project Status

PIF: PIF Submission Date   Unspecified
GEF Approval Date   Unspecified No Document
PPG: GEF Approval Date   Unspecified No Document
UNEP Approval Date   Unspecified
Completion Date   Unspecified
Project: Expected CEO Approval Date   Unspecified
Project Submission To GEF  Unspecified
CEO Approval Date  Unspecified No Document
UNEP Approval Date  Unspecified
Completion Date  Unspecified No Document