Strategic Partnership Alliance to Enhance Ecosystem Management and Resilience Along the Dust Storms Corridor in West Asia

Focal Areas: Land Degradation Climate Change
Country(ies): Iraq Turkey Syria Iran Jordan Kuwait Qatar UAE
Geograpic scope: Regional
Project Description:

To protect and enhance resilience of people, the environment, and the development agenda of the West Asia Region from the transboundary threats and impacts of sand and dust storms, through well-informed and coordinated practical actions

Lead Executing Agency: UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), World Meteorological Organisation, FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)
Project Type: FSP
PPG/PDF Grant: $ 0.00
PPG Confinancing: $ 0.00
Project Grant: $ 0.00
Project Confinancing: $ 0.00

Project Status

PIF: PIF Submission Date   Unspecified
GEF Approval Date   Unspecified No Document
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UNEP Approval Date   Unspecified
Completion Date   Unspecified
Project: Expected CEO Approval Date   Unspecified
Project Submission To GEF  Unspecified
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