Enabling Andorra to prepare its Initial National Communication (NC1) and First Biennial Update Report (BUR1) to the UNFCCC

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Climate change

Climate Change


Andorra has yet to undertake the preparation of its NC1. It is expected that this exercise will enable the country to better understand this global environmental problem, its causes, and barriers and constraints that need to be overcome for the ultimate objectives of the Convention to be met. In doing so, the country will start build national capacity of institutions and experts to address climate change and its concerns and challenges. To-date, Andorra has been addressing climate change concerns and challenges within its sustainable development agenda but not on a stand-alone basis. The preparation of the NC1 will set the baseline for emissions and sinks, climate changes the country could face, the country’s vulnerability and needs for adaptation, mitigation possibilities and other related information over and above the country meeting its obligation to the UNFCCC.

Through this proposed Enabling Activity project, Andorra intends to strengthen institutional, technical and analytical capacities through the preparation of its NC1 with the financial assistance from the GEF. The salient features of the proposed INC will be:


(i) Produce National GHG inventory estimates using tier II methodologies as far as possible, while adopting the relevant scientific elements of IPCC GHG Inventory Guidelines of 2006;

(ii) Generate reliable climate projections using multiple climate models;

(iii) Perform reliable assessments of climate change impacts using multiple climate change scenarios and multiple impact assessment models at disaggregated levels as far as possible;

(iv) Identify high risk areas to climate extremes;

(v) Develop frameworks and practices to enable mainstreaming of adaptation and mitigation into developmental programs including estimates of costs and benefits of adaptation and mitigation programs;

(vi) Develop sustainable institutional and technical capacities for continued preparation of GHG Inventories and National Communications, and other new information required under the aegis of the Convention.


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