Development of Minamata Convention on Mercury Initial Assessment in Macedonia

Focal Areas: Persistent Organic Pollutants
Country(ies): Macedonia
Geograpic scope: National
Project Description:

a)      Prepare the ground to ratify the Minamata Convention on Mercury in participating countries

      b) Build national capacity in participating countries to meet reporting and other obligations under the Convention

Lead Executing Agency: Unspecified
Project Type: EA
PPG/PDF Grant: $ 0.00
PPG Confinancing: $ 0.00
Project Grant: $ 0.00
Project Confinancing: $ 0.00

Project Status

PIF: PIF Submission Date   Unspecified
GEF Approval Date   Unspecified No Document
PPG: GEF Approval Date   Unspecified No Document
UNEP Approval Date   Unspecified
Completion Date   Unspecified
Project: Expected CEO Approval Date   Unspecified
Project Submission To GEF  Unspecified
CEO Approval Date  Unspecified No Document
UNEP Approval Date  Unspecified
Completion Date  Unspecified No Document