Enabling preparation of Uganda's Third National Communication (TNC) to the UNFCCC

Project General Information


Climate change

Climate Change


1. The development objective of this project is to continue contributing to the institutional and technical strengthening for the regular preparation of national communications and further facilitate the processes of integrating climate into national and sectorial development strategies in order to take full advantage of any international mechanism that may emerge in the future.


2. The immediate objectives of the project is to assist Uganda to prepare its Third National Communication under the UNFCCC consistent with the guidelines for the preparation of National Communications from Parties not included in Annex I to the Convention, contained in Decision 17/CP.8 and submit it by December 2018.


3. The project outcomes are fully in line with the  GEF 6 Strategic Objective 3 "   Foster enabling conditions to mainstream mitigation concerns into sustainable development strategies" and are :


                     i.            Information on national circumstances and institutional arrangements relevant to the preparation of the Third National Communications (TNC) on a continuous basis analyzed and updated.

                    ii.            The National GHG Inventory System strengthened and described including National inventory estimates for 1990-2015 for the TNC.

                  iii.            GHG mitigation assessment options and scenarios within the context of low emission development trajectory improved and mitigation actions and their effects, including associated methodologies and assumptions and progress of implementation described in accordance with reporting guidelines

                  iv.            Information on vulnerability to climate change and adaptation actions taken.

                   v.            Framework for the continuous assessment and reporting of constraints, gaps and related financial, technical and capacity needs and support needed and received established;

                  vi.            Information on non-climate related impacts, opportunities and benefits on   sustainable development objectives provided;

                vii.            Project is effectively monitored and implemented through monitoring, reporting and preparation of  financial audits

            viii.            The TNC and NIR published and submitted to UNFCCC


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