Reducing Pollution from Harmful Chemicals and Wastes in Mediterranean Hot Spots and Measuring Progress to Impacts

Focal Areas: Persistent Organic Pollutants International Waters
Country(ies): Tunisia Serbia/Monteneg. Morocco Albania Libya
Geograpic scope: National, Regional
Project Description:

Child Project:

Parent Program: Mediterranean Sea Programme (MedProgramme): Enhancing Environmental Security

Lead Executing Agency: Unspecified
Project Type: FSP
PPG/PDF Grant: $ 300,000.00
PPG Confinancing: $ 0.00
Project Grant: $ 12,250,000.00
Project Confinancing: $ 0.00

Project Status

PIF: PIF Submission Date   Unspecified
GEF Approval Date   Unspecified No Document
PPG: GEF Approval Date   Unspecified No Document
UNEP Approval Date   Unspecified
Completion Date   Unspecified
Project: Expected CEO Approval Date   Unspecified
Project Submission To GEF  Unspecified
CEO Approval Date  Unspecified No Document
UNEP Approval Date  Unspecified
Completion Date  Unspecified No Document