Capacity Building for Peru’s transparency system for climate change mitigation and adaptation

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Climate Change


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Given the lack of capacity in Peru to systematically generate, manage and use information related to climate change, the need for a comprehensive national transparency system has been identified. This system will need to address mitigation and adaptation actions as well as means of implementation, in order to track Peru’s NDCs. This project intends to support the establishment of a national transparency system by means of developing some key components. As currently envisaged, the national transparency system will address four areas: mitigation, adaptation, means of implementation and long term planning information. This structure aims to facilitate access to information and its use for policy and decision making and will furthermore be the base to meet the requirements under article 13 of the Paris Agreement.




It is important to note that the proposed project fits into the wider landscape of ongoing work that is contributing to build the national transparency system. The project is thus structured to provide inputs for all the areas of the envisaged transparency system.




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