DBase ID GEF ID Focal Area Project Title Country Project Type
00845 4909 Climate Change Stabilizing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Road Transport Through Doubling of Global Vehicle Fuel Economy by 2050: the Global Fuel Efficiency Initiative (GFEI) - Regional Implementation Global, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Ivory Coast, China, Georgia, India, Jamaica, Mauritius, Mexico, Peru, Russian Federation, Vietnam, Philippines, Macedonia FSP
00855 4739 Biodiversity Participative Integrated Ecosystem Services Management Plans for Bakassi Post Conflict Ecosystems – PINESMAP- BPCE Cameroon FSP
00865 4962 Persistent Organic Pollutants Pilot project on the development of a mercury inventory in China China MSP
00872 Multiple Focal Areas Improving the Management of Nature Reserves and Parks in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa Ivory Coast FSP
00884 AF Climate Change Enhancing Climate Change Resilience of Rural Communities Living in Protected areas of Cambodia Cambodia FSP
00885 4883 Biodiversity Integrating the Management of Protection and Production Areas for Biodiversity Conservation in the Sierra Tarahumara of Chihuahua Mexico FSP
00894 5017 Multiple Focal Areas Developing Core Capacity for Decentralized MEA Implementation and Natural Resources Management in Afghanistan Afghanistan MSP
00903 Biodiversity Sustainable farming and critical habitat conservation to achieve biodiversity mainstreaming and protected areas management effectiveness in Western Cameroon - SUFACHAC Cameroon FSP
00908 5050 Land Degradation Development and Alignment of National Action Programme to the UNCCD 10 Years Strategy and Preparation of the Fifth Reporting Review process Ukraine EA
00620 4256 International Waters Making Ocean Life Count Global MSP
00921 4527 Biodiversity Partnering for Natural Resource Management - Conservation Council of Nations (CCN) Global MSP
01156 Land Degradation, Climate Change Strategic Partnership Alliance to Enhance Ecosystem Management and Resilience Along the Dust Storms Corridor in West Asia Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE FSP
01157 4664(PFD) Climate Change, Biodiversity, International Waters PFD-GEF-Russian Federation Partnership on Sustainable Environmental Management in the Arctic under a Rapidly Changing Climate (Arctic Agenda 2020) Russian Federation